wise women: embrace the chaos

Sunni Hart shares her wisdom amidst our global crisis.

It’s April 2020, and we’re already being faced with a global pandemic, an economic crisis, and that’s causing a whole lot of anxiety, fear, and overwhelm. This follows the horrendous Australian bushfires over Summer, and it truly feels like we haven’t copped a break. I’ve been wondering how to approach this space in these unprecedented circumstances, and after witnessing a great array of women taking the unknown in their stride, I figured I’d ask them to share their coping methods amidst the chaos.

You may remember hearing from Sunni if you are an avid listener of the podcast. Sunni is a Mother, Doula, Birth Educator, DJ, amongst other talents and practices. Sunni is also one of those rare gems who’s presence on Social Media shines through all of the comparative and consumerist propaganda in our feeds. I think Sunni’s views on the benefits and
strains of Social Media, and her way of embracing the chaos of life are exactly what we need to hear right now. So, make yourself a cup of tea and dive on in!

Sunni! You recently spent a week off social media, only to find that the world had gone into literal social isolation. Could you tell us a little bit about your experience during that week being disconnected via Socials?

It was amazing and I think I am going to do it monthly at least. Social media is a wonderful tool for the sharing of stories, information and connectivity. I honestly think it has been an integral tool in raising our generations consciousness. It gives voice to the people which isn’t controlled by mass media. I do think though that it is easy to ingest way too much. For me personally, I started to feel as though I couldn’t differentiate between the noise and my own voice and truth. It also propels us into passively consuming as opposed to consciously receiving which is the state we’re in when we are being mindful, present and deliberate. It’s in this state that we can integrate or discard what we have read or heard with our own innate knowing.

Many of us are finding ourselves currently stuck in an endless scrolling loop, adrenals on overdrive, waiting for news and updates on what’s going on around us. How do we break this?

I don’t see the benefit of being the first to know what’s happening in the news. It will come to you soon enough. Again, it is our obsession with needing an answer or feeling in control. Log off and delete the apps, even just for two days. You will be amazed at how rested your nervous system is, how alive yours senses feel and how much you can achieve in one day.

Do you think Social Media can support us through this crisis that we’re facing?

I think Social Media has been incredible in this time of self isolation. Without the accessibility to one another we lose our collective voice, our community, our culture. Each of us have created these online worlds of humans that we resonate with. It is a beautiful thing that we can all be quarantined in our houses and still be sharing our stories, jokes, feelings and allowing the humanness of this wild time to be witnessed.

It is a beautiful thing that we can all be quarantined in our houses and still be sharing our stories, jokes, feelings and allowing the humanness of this wild time to be witnessed.

How do you manage to embrace the chaos?

Trust and Acceptance. People are going to respond to this pandemic the same way they live in the world. It’s like birth – the way you live is the way you birth. Can we can trust, and I mean REALLY trust in ourselves? Our innate wisdom, intuition, abilities, resourcefulness and our soul truth, in this time of uncertainty? Can we be ok with not knowing where we’re going or how it’s going to feel? Certainly, there are many theories, propositions and future outlooks that are terrifying. I believe society’s obsession with needing to know everything so as to appear in control, clinging to the illusion of security and immortality, is a bigger issue than the virus, and this is what is currently being unveiled. We are starting to recognise that it is time for a paradigm shift.

Knowing that everything moves in a spiral, in cycles. We have been fooled into thinking that life is linear and straightforward which is why so many people are fretting at the upheaval of routine and structure. As women, we wax and wane with the moon. All living beings harmonise with the seasons. We are not so smart that we can deny nature. I choose to see this moment in time as the death before the rebirth. I choose to remain present, grateful and hopeful about what lies around the corner. I understand that we unconsciously adopt anxiety to protect and ready ourselves for the worst but what if this energy cock blocks us from the potentiality of growth and renewal?

Astrologers have been talking about this moment for a long time. In the last 200 years, we’ve witnessed an unprecedented amount of human consumption of the earth’s resources. White-supremacist, patriarchal, colonialist capitalism set the stage for this age and excessive waste has been the cornerstone. With the shift, we will begin this cycle hopefully through the lens of humanitarianism. I am deepening my relationship with the Astrology because I have been reading about this moment for a long time and here it is, just as promised. Understanding this is helping me trust in the universal process. I understand people are dying. People with families and lives. This, I do not take lightly or undermine. I am a doula. I live in the realm of birth, life and death as sacred above all else. I see this time as a huge opportunity for us to embrace the reality of death – death of old systems yes but more to the point, the fact that we die. It is not until we accept and embrace this reality that we appreciate this life that we have been gifted and can choose to really fucking LIVE like it is precious and fleeting.

What are your methods for coping right now?

When I feel edgy or anxious, I find a quiet place, connect to my breath, acknowledge the feeling and then tell my brain, “thanks but no thanks”. These fears aren’t facts and they don’t serve me or the world. I breath into my heart space, honour my truth and feel into the person and the place that I want to experience beyond this threshold. I embody her as if it is happening right now. It’s is a wonderful time to practice following your gut instincts, taking note of where it leads you, and recording what blessings and lessons you gather along the way. And, If we feel like things are “getting out of hand” or we start becoming consumed by scarcity mentality and worrying about money or the things we don’t have, I suggest using your hands to ground yourself into the present moment and creating things out of what you do have.

I really LOVE the way you are able to see this opportunity for surrender, pause and growth amidst the chaos right now. One of the reasons you’re such an important voice to have in our community. What are some coping mechanisms for slowing down, releasing our obsession to stay linear and driven?

Phones off! Breathwork, tarot, gardening, cooking, eating, dancing, fucking, smoking joints, writing, playing, painting, writing letters to loved ones. Creation!

Could shed some light on where you draw your peace and strength from, especially in the current climate:

We are way out of balance and now have the opportunity to redefine our values as a society. I genuinely believe that we are on the brink of a new paradigm. I view it as the final gasps and desperate clinging of this 12,000 year Patriarchal regime. We have all been oppressed and nobody benefits from this way of life. I want to reiterate that Patriarchy has been co-created by all of us and this is not about blaming or hating on men. We see how much they suffer in the statistics of men’s suicide and domestic violence. The beginning of this reign saw Patriarchal religious authorities everywhere change ancient systems of matrilineal inheritance to put property in the hands of men. Women became the property of their Fathers and husbands, were forced inside and denied access and power in public spaces. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we are now being told to “stay home” in the domain of the feminine. I draw peace and strength from trusting in what is happening and having a wide perspective. I trust in Universal Law.

You talk a lot about the power of the Feminine and can you talk a little bit about the how that reflects what’s happening right now?

The feminine is all about darkness, creation, chaos, emotions, nurturing and innate wisdom. Our inner landscape is where the feminine resides and right now we are being forced to adopt a Yin energy.

The Heroine’s Journey begins as the separation of the feminine and ends with the integration of the masculine and feminine. There is a pivotal the moment in the journey where after over-identifying with the masculine, we begin to awaken to feelings of spiritual aridity and death. Once we move through this begins the initiation and decent into The Goddess. From there, an urgent yearning to reconnect with the feminine. Beyond this is healing of the mother/daughter split and also the wounded masculine which is where the integration happens.

I believe that we are in the phase of The Decent. We have to surrender to the darkness to germinate new seeds. We’re being asked to flow, to collaborate, to be creative, empathetic and emotional. Uncomfortable things will rise to the surface if this is not your natural state. These are the invitations to your inner work. Embrace the decent in order to heal and integrate. Old systems are crumbling and if you can’t level up, you’ll be left behind. Sounds harsh but it’s true!

Can you share some personal tips on simple daily practices that can support our mental health, especially if we’re on social isolation or quarantine?

It’s basically all about breath and the senses. The o2 awakening have a wonderful 10 minute daily practise that you receive when you sign up to their email. I do this everyday. I have a cold shower in the morning. Again, if you do some simple Wim Hof breathing before you turn the hot off you don’t even know it’s cold… it just feels amazing. If I’m still feeling in a funk I find a song that feels right and I dance. I go outside, lay on the earth and quiet my mind by focusing on my breath. Lighting incense or burning calming oils helps, lighting candles, music, cooking food, romancing myself. Being really present with my children which can sometimes be challenging but so rewarding.

Can you recommend some ways to find grounding for those who don’t already practise these types of slow-down routines?

I have been baking bread, using clay, painting, gardening, using the tarot. Whatever works!

Do you discuss what’s happening in the world with your kids? Do you find that they are picking up on anything?

Yes I have spoken openly to Fox (5) about what is happening. It’s basically the comic book version of everything I’ve said here!

Any final notes for Mamas out there who are struggling?

I see you, and you are not alone. There are people out there who want to connect with you. Take some time for yourself and don’t feel bad about it for one second. It is your birthright to feel good. Do what you have to do to make that possible. Focus on your sensory faculty and make each one of them come alive. Call me on Zoom, let’s dance together!

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