Newborn dory

patience and surrender

words & musings from Mothers around the Globe.

This is the face of the boy that demands my attention whilst I’m halfway through an interview of a night.

I don’t hold it against him, though. He’s only a baby, and he needs me – but I do think it’s some kind of superpower that he seems to know precisely when I’m working and uses this ability to remind me that he is my main priority.

Sometimes I’ll pause the conversation (with the ever understanding guests I have had so far) feed him back to sleep, and whilst I’m lying there, engulfed in silence & darkness, I’ll find space to ground myself again. In that space, my brain will work some magic, and I’ll come up with some new ways to guide the conversation.

Whatever happens, I’ve learned to embrace these quiet moments in the darkness with my sweet baby boy. He is teaching me patience and surrender that’s for sure. 

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