wise women: move your body

“As newborns, we had ways of communicating that we were stressed without actually using words. Arching our backs, scrunching our faces, reaching our arms open, kicking and so on. Our body is our first language. As adults, I think we should listen to it. If something is not quite right and we don’t listen, our body will find another way of telling us. Whether through stress, injury or sickness, it will let us know.”

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012. zero expectations

“As a parent to a child with a disability you really have to become an advocate and I didn’t really know what that meant, but it just means putting your foot down. I’m ruthless when it comes to Arlo.”

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wise women: embrace the chaos

Sunni Hart shares her wisdom amidst our global crisis. It’s April 2020, and we’re already being faced with a global pandemic, an economic crisis, and that’s causing a whole lot

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Amy breastfeeding a sleepy Dory

the realm of the mother

Motherhood is genuine work, but unlike other types of work – like working for an income – Motherhood has no political gain or agenda, it is a natural and true process.

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Dory Mother / Other

only little once

Some days when I’m rocking/feeding my son to sleep, I’m itching to get back to my work, counting down the minutes until he hits the bed.

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