019. Living in constant marvel

“It’s shaken my perspective on so many things. I used to worry about so much existential bullshit, but when I got pregnant with Louie, that all melted away and I was just living in constant marvel.”

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018. a narrative worth listening to

“It shook me, the idea of having a pre-mother self and post-mother self and thinking that you kind of have to rip the old one out of the book, that they’re entirely different beings, but I suppose you’re just getting more finely tuned as you go along.”

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017. It just obliterated me

“I see having kids for me as just being this identity boot-camp and it became essential for everyone – myself, my kids, my partner – that I deal with a lot of the stuff that I’d never dealt with before, otherwise I just wasn’t going to survive it.”

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016. More Than I Imagined

“I started to feel my most evolved self. Motherhood has really struck a chord with me, it’s opened up a lot of layers that I didn’t know were there; it enhanced areas of my life that were already bubbling away and developing.”

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015. life bleeds into work

“I don’t think there’s enough recognition –still to this day–around how difficult the role of parenting is, how messy it is. There’s no clean delineation between work and parenting, it all mushes in together, it’s all consuming and it’s never ending.”

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