Mother / other was founded by Amy Pearson, as A place to unite the Mothers who continue making their mark, whilst navigating the demands of Motherhood.

Experiencing life as a new mother – after the birth of her son, Dorian – Amy found herself in unchartered territory. ‘Motherhood was a huge upheaval of my life & personal identity, and I very quickly realised it was more difficult to balance the many demands that came with this role than I had once expected.’

Amy and Dory

Pregnancy makes us stronger. Birth makes us stronger. Motherhood makes us stronger. Without the struggles, I wouldn’t have known my potential or my worth.

We want to explore the impacts that being a Mother has on our identities, the risks and rewards of pursuing our vocations, continuing to strive for our individual lives while we traverse this unfamiliar territory. Without these stories to connect us, we can feel so isolated from regular, functioning society, but what we often forget is that without us, society wouldn’t exist.

Amy is the founder, producer and host of Mother / other. She is also a web-designer, photographer, a home-cook, a bibliophile, and sometimes writer. You can find her musings, and relevant book reviews on the journal, or your can see more of her work below: