Mother other Thando Sikwila

024. Tears & Tantrums

with Thando Sikwila

I am so thrilled to welcome the highly renowned, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Thando Sikwila to our show today! 

We recorded this episode at the beginning of the year, and, once again, I can’t help but point out the weirdness of this being so relevant again now that we’re all in extended lockdown. WHO’d have known we’d be here?!

In this episode, Thando chats about growing up in Zimbabwe and moving to Australia
with her family at a young age – being a kind of mother figure to her siblings so that her mother could work. Her career in the music industry peaking to success right around the time that she fell pregnant with her daughter, Charlie.

“You want to set a good example, you want to show that you had a child and you still chased your dreams and your passions… but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do it all.

Our toddlers are close to the same age, so we spend a bit of time discussing clingy toddlers & tantrums whilst dealing with extended lockdowns, & the effect that’s had on our career. Along with getting stuck down the rabbit hole of Mummy Bloggers, and the weirdness of mothering within this state of the world.

Thando is a joy to listen & chat with, I’m sure many of you will relate and hopefully find some solidarity here!


Feature image by Michelle-Grace-Hunder.



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