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028. The Power of Surrender

with Annika Hein of JANE magazine

Today I’m chatting with Annika Hein – a Mother, writer, and creative director of JANE magazine. Annika is incredibly creative and thoughtful in her mothering, and her and I clicked incredibly quickly. 

Annika and her partner, Photographer Odin Wilde, co-own and create JANE magazine together, so along with a parenting and romantic relationship they also share a working relationship. Annika’s original idea of motherhood was that her baby would easily slip into their work & travel lifestyle, so it came as a bit of a shock how much more complex that looked once Vahla came along.

“I don’t have super strong connotations to the word Mother but that I itself is a paradox because all I wanted to write about when she was born was the Mother experience.

Annika share’s a segment of her beautifully poetic birth story during this conversation which may leave you with wet cheeks. If you’d like to read the full thing you can find it HERE.

We discuss the expectations from society and those that we put on ourselves, which begins during pregnancy but also follows through to birth and then Mothering. The invisible work of motherhood, gentle parenting our toddlers (which is much more work, but the payoff is incredible), and how much our kids teach us to be mindful and present.

But, my favorite part of this conversation was the deep dive we took into how to be in the world as a creative and a mother. Utilizing our short bursts of creativity and doing self-work to become the best versions of ourselves for our kids.

If you’re a creative Mother in any way, I’m sure you’ll love this one.

Annika Hein Mother Other



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