Sophie Walker Mother/other

025. Cracking Yourself Open

with Sophie Walker from Australian Birth Stories

Today’s guest is the Mother of three boys, Sophie Walker. Creator and host of the first and most popular Australian Birth Podcast: Australian Birth Stories, reaching over 5 million downloads. 

Sophie and I delve into her motherhood journey, along with her freelance business journey, how she manages her work/life balance with the booming business and the ever-expanding world of podcasting. 

“I love motherhood but I don’t think I could ever be a full time mum without work,
that just wouldn’t suit me.”

Chatting with Sophie felt like chatting with a friend, as i’ve heard her voice so much over the years that I’ve consumed her content, so this was a really enjoyable and comfortable conversation. I hope it feels just as comfy for you.

Images by Hillary Walker.



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