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021. Reclaiming sexuality

with Tamica Wilder – Somatic Sexologist

Tamica Wilder is a Somatic Sexologist & Erotic Educator, making waves by reawakening sexuality in birthing people. This is a juice episode to launch season 3 with, and it brings so much to the table. Tamica is opening up such important conversations about Sex-Positive Parenting, Eroticism, Sex & Intimacy. 

She offers permission for us to feel curiosity, re-awaken our sexual pleasure, and cultivate sexual confidence.. which I think is an INCREDIBLE tool for Mothers and people who have birthed children. 

This episode brings a huge amount of knowledge, support, wisdom, and insight into how we can nourish ourselves both physically and mentally after having babies, and find a path to pleasure that suits us personally. 

“The level-up that comes when a mother births – you see it in her face, 
her eyes change. That happens to us without choice.”

This episode comes with a trigger warning for mentioning sexual abuse and trauma from childhood, and there are some tears when discussing the postpartum period.

Tamica and I also discuss what it’s like to be a driven self-employed freelancer and how she wrangled with the lack of freedom to create and earn after becoming a mother.

The deep level-up that happens within a mother once they’ve transitioned through birth, and how often their non-birthing partners don’t meet us there.

Societal expectations & how tough the postpartum period can be on a mother. Sex-positive parenting, how we can empower our children and avoid shaming them and their bodies from the beginning.

This is truly a golden ep, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

mother other tamica wilder

Show Notes:

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