019. Living in constant marvel

with Jessica Prescott

Jess is a cookbook author and plant food genius, you may be familiar with her blog/Instagram: Wholy Goodness.

She is also a mother of two boys – Louie and Jude – and co-owner of the postpartum business called Mama Goodness, delivering glorious, nourishing foods and supplies to people during their postpartum period & beyond. Even if you don’t live in Melbourne you should check them out because they offer some excellent things like lactation cookies, tinctures and oils that are helpful for new mums in many ways. 

Jess and I dive into heaps of big topics, including her first home-birth and postpartum experience whilst living in Germany, the boredom and invisibility of early Motherhood, the pull to be closer to your family network once you have kids of your own and the intense and prolonged pain of a friendship breakup as an adult.

“It’s shaken my perspective on so many things. I used to worry about so much existential bullshit, but when I got pregnant with Louie, that all melted away and I was just living in constant marvel.”

This conversation brought me an immense amount of solidarity and comfort, and I’m so glad I got to connect with Jess before I left Melbourne. She was the one who got me into sourdough which was my saving grace during our prolonged lockdown. 

I highly recommend you check out both her personal and business accounts to absorb more of her goodness.

Original Music by J. Dale Pearson.

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