018. a narrative worth listening to

with Writer Kate Mildenhall

In today’s conversation, Kate and I chat about all things Motherhood, as you would expect, with a focus on the difficulties of early Motherhood, PND, Sundowning, finding space and time to work creatively and Kate’s complete career shift after she became a mother. We also talk about how the narrative of Motherhood still isn’t considered important or interesting, and all of the books that we each have loved that delve into the realities of the motherload. 

“It shook me, the idea of having a pre-mother self and post-mother self and thinking that you kind of have to rip the old one out of the book, that they’re entirely different beings, but I suppose you’re just getting more finely tuned as you go along.”

I enjoyed chatting with Kate SO much, it felt especially fulfilling given the current state we’re in down here. Sending love to all the Mothers, specifically the ones experiencing groundhog day here in Melbourne – maybe next time you hear from me we’ll be out of this mess!

Show Notes:

Kate’s Website

Kate’s Instagram


Motherhood & Creativity: The Divided Heart  by Rachel Powers

On Motherhood by Jamila Rizvi

Making Babies by Anne Enright 

A Life’s Work by Rachel Cusk 


The First Time Podcast 

The Slow Home Podcast 


Original Music by J. Dale Pearson.

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