017. It just obliterated me

with Writer Ashe Davenport

Today’s incredibly belated episode features Ashe Davenport, Mum to two girls, Franny & Dee Dee. Ashe is the author of Sad Mum Lady, an incredibly frank and funny MUMoir (her words, not mine) about her experience throughout pregnancy and the first few years of her kids’ lives. 

I think I should pop a content warning in here for PPD, drug use and suicide. If you’re sensitive to those topics, just be aware that this ep may be triggering.

I feel like I should also let you know that this is a FUNNY episode, like, so funny!! I laughed my way through and then had a dumb grin on my face the entire day after this chat, which was like.. A month ago now (sorry Ash and A&U).

Ashe manages to share her vulnerability SO openly, casually discussing such raw and deeply personal experiences, whilst simultaneously injecting a healthy dose of humour into it– I truly cannot fathom that skill, it’s beyond me that’s for sure. I guess that is also the perfect explanation of the book Sad Mum Lady, it takes you much deeper into the realities of motherhood than most of the Mumoir’s I’ve read, but it also makes you laugh out loud – and we, as Mums, NEED THAT.

“I see having kids for me as just being this identity boot-camp and it became essential for everyone – myself, my kids, my partner – that I deal with a  lot of the stuff that I’d never dealt with before, otherwise I just wasn’t going to survive it.”

Original Music by J. Dale Pearson.

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