015. life bleeds into work

with journalism powerhouse, Sophie Black

Today on the show we have Sophie Black – a life-long journalist & writer currently in the role of the Head of Publishing at The Wheeler Centre, and Mum to two kids named Walter & Maggie.

Sophie has had a brimming career, including working on the multi award-winning podcast, The Messenger, the ABC Radio National program, Talkfest, and heading up titles such as Crikey, Daily Review… I could go on. 

In today’s conversation, Sophie talks about how deeply life and parenthood bleed into work, managing to continue her incredibly successful career whilst growing and raising two humans, being cured of her lifelong affliction of FOMO, and the painfully solitary experience of secondary infertility & the IVF process.

TW: This is an episode that may be sensitive to people who are experiencing fertility issues, and or miscarriage. I think the story and experiences that Sophie shares are incredibly valuable for those supporting friends and/or family through these issues and perhaps even for some people experiencing similar things to feel validated for their emotions and pain. So it is a worthwhile listen if you are feeling up to it.

I don’t think there’s enough recognition –still to this day–around how difficult the role of parenting is, how messy it is. There’s no clean delineation between work and parenting, it all mushes in together, it’s all consuming and it’s never ending.”


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