013. Kind of Mind-blowing

with Beci Orpin, Illustrator & Designer

In today’s episode I’m talking with Beci Orpin, Mother of two boys, Tyke, & Ari. Beci also is a Melbourne based, but internationally recognised, Designer and Illustrator known for her bold, bright work that is uniquely her own. You only need to look at her website to see how incredibly fascinating her brain is. I remember admiring Beci in my teenage years, reading Frankie magazine and fawning over her work, so having the chance to chat with Beci about our mutual experience of Motherhood was a really joyous experience.

Beci went back to work 4 days after her first baby, so she talks about how difficult it can be during that baby fog, but how it felt natural to her, because work is where she finds a huge amount of her identity. We chat about the influence that a strong, powerful mother figure can have on our desire for children ourselves, and how much the respect for our Mums can grow after we have that experience; The flexibility that comes from sharing the parenting load with your partner and how it allows us, as women, to continue to work and create; and lots more. 

“The hardest thing I struggled with was,
once I had children, my time wasn’t my own anymore.”

You can find Beci Orpin’s website here, & her Instagram here.


Original Music by J. Dale Pearson

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