012. zero expectations

with Melanie Dimmitt author of SPECIAL

In today’s episode I’m talking with a Mother who’s story is a little different to our previous episodes so far. She’s a writer, Author, Mother of two kids, Arlo & Odette – her first of which, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Melanie Dimmett is the author of ‘Special: Antidotes to the obsessions that come with a child’s disability‘ released in 2019. Not having envisioned herself as a mother, it wasn’t until she was with her partner for a few years that Mel thought about becoming a mother. So she is thankful that she had no expectations for motherhood to live up to for her. Mel and I dive into her Motherhood journey, her experience discovering Arlo’s diagnosis and parenting a child with a disability, we talk about learning boundaries as people pleasers, Mels career and work as a writer, how she wrangles it all with the kids & much, much more.​

Boundaries have become necessary. As a parent to a child with a disability
you really have to become an advocate and I didn’t really know what that meant,
but it just means putting your foot down. I’m ruthless when it comes to Arlo.

You can find Melanie Dimmitt here, & The Special Book Instagram here.


Original Music by J. Dale Pearson

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