More than motherhood

Carving a space for the mothers who continue making their mark,
whilst navigating the demands of Motherhood.

Latest episodes

032. Holding Space

Amy chats with Gabrielle Nancarrow, Mother of 3, founder of Gather Women Space, Doula & Author of The Birth Space. They chat about chasing a career before motherhood, and what comes after.


030. An Awakening

Amy chats with Bobby Clark, a Scottish-born, Melbourne-based Artist. They discuss Bobby’s journey to becoming a Mother including her ectopic pregnancy, and how Motherhood changed the way she views art and success. It’s a really warm and fun one, full of laughs.


029. Fumbling in the Darkness

Amy chat’s with Yahna Fookes, professional dancer, yogi, and founder of Radiant Birth, a birth workshop known as ‘an immersion for mothers in waiting’ based in Victoria. They discuss Yahna’s adoption as a baby and her Korean Ancestry, mental health support during motherhood, mothering toddlers, friendships, careers, and how Matrescence can push you deeper creatively.



Blood. Birth. And Body.

“And just like that my body was again no longer mine. But it was different this time. My belly was soft and empty and we were no longer cohabitating. But my flesh was still your home, your safety, your sustenance. So I surrendered, once again, to a new and different role. Mother.”

Emilythedoula Mother/other

The Postpartum Project 01: FRIENDSHIP

Welcome to the first episode of: The Postpartum Project. Amy delves deep into friendships throughout motherhood in this vulnerable and nourishing conversation with her very dear friend Emily the Doula.


At Last: On Race, Identity & Motherhood

“Again, racism raised its ugly head in my life, but instead of my usual shapeshifting, I now had a small audience watching. I was their example, and if I let other people’s ignorance continue to shape my identity, how devastated would I be to watch them grow doing the very same?”


Re-birth: Birthing My Daughter

“I’m writing this as my daughter stares up at me with her ice blue almond-shaped eyes, from beneath my leaking breast, milk spilling onto each of our clothes and flooding the room with its sticky sweet scent. I take a sip of this morning’s coffee, lukewarm from the constant distractions: this is motherhood.”





Supporting all things motherhood, and the power of women! I love the women Amy interviews and think Amy is a star for pursuing this podcast passion with such a young babe!

De Palmer


Important stories

Beautiful podcast! As a woman who is a small business creative but not planning on having children, this podcast offers me an unfamiliar perspective that is both accessible and super interesting.

Bobby Harrington


Love it

It’s so vital for women to hear stories of how other women are also struggling (yet massively succeeding) under the weight of everything we have to do. The questions are thought provoking, the answers familiar. 

Nikki Hamilton


Amazing insight

Amazing insight into motherhood, beautifully curated and conversational tone ~

Highly recommend to anyone, no matter what stage in life…

Tilly Clifford


Mothers inspire

It’s so easy to completely loose yourself when becoming a mother. Listening to how other mothers cope and keep that sense of ‘me’ through chasing their dreams while their kids are little is so inspiring! 

Emmy Keggie