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A place to unite the Mothers who continue making their mark, whilst navigating the demands of motherhood.

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018. a narrative worth listening to

“It shook me, the idea of having a pre-mother self and post-mother self and thinking that you kind of have to rip the old one out of the book, that they’re entirely different beings, but I suppose you’re just getting more finely tuned as you go along.”

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017. It just obliterated me

“I see having kids for me as just being this identity boot-camp and it became essential for everyone – myself, my kids, my partner – that I deal with a lot of the stuff that I’d never dealt with before, otherwise I just wasn’t going to survive it.”

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016. More Than I Imagined

“I started to feel my most evolved self. Motherhood has really struck a chord with me, it’s opened up a lot of layers that I didn’t know were there; it enhanced areas of my life that were already bubbling away and developing.”

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015. life bleeds into work

“I don’t think there’s enough recognition –still to this day–around how difficult the role of parenting is, how messy it is. There’s no clean delineation between work and parenting, it all mushes in together, it’s all consuming and it’s never ending.”

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wise women: move your body

“As newborns, we had ways of communicating that we were stressed without actually using words. Arching our backs, scrunching our faces, reaching our arms open, kicking and so on. Our body is our first language. As adults, I think we should listen to it. If something is not quite right and we don’t listen, our body will find another way of telling us. Whether through stress, injury or sickness, it will let us know.”

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book review: Hamnet by maggie o’farrell

Written in an approachable and engaging tone, Hamnet is the story of the death of Shakespeare’s son, it is a work of speculative fiction. O’Farrell breathes exquisite life into this tale of death, and weaves such an intricate story of love, family, motherhood, and loss, I was completely absorbed in the world of this family

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wise women: embrace the chaos

Sunni Hart shares her wisdom amidst our global crisis. It’s April 2020, and we’re already being faced with a global pandemic, an economic crisis, and that’s causing a whole lot of anxiety, fear, and overwhelm. This follows the horrendous Australian bushfires over Summer, and it truly feels like we haven’t copped a break. I’ve been

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Amy breastfeeding a sleepy Dory

the realm of the mother

Motherhood is genuine work, but unlike other types of work – like working for an income – Motherhood has no political gain or agenda, it is a natural and true process.

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Supporting all things motherhood, and the power of women! I love the women Amy interviews and think Amy is a star for pursuing this podcast passion with such a young babe!

De Palmer


Important stories

Beautiful podcast! As a woman who is a small business creative but not planning on having children, this podcast offers me an unfamiliar perspective that is both accessible and super interesting.

Bobby Harrington


Love it

It’s so vital for women to hear stories of how other women are also struggling (yet massively succeeding) under the weight of everything we have to do. The questions are thought provoking, the answers familiar. 

Nikki Hamilton


Amazing insight

Amazing insight into motherhood, beautifully curated and conversational tone ~

Highly recommend to anyone, no matter what stage in life…

Tilly Clifford


Mothers inspire

It’s so easy to completely loose yourself when becoming a mother. Listening to how other mothers cope and keep that sense of ‘me’ through chasing their dreams while their kids are little is so inspiring! 

Emmy Keggie

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